Convenience Delivered… Virtually!

Capitol’s 2021 Trade Show is live this Wednesday the 10th! Vendors will be online and available all day. Browse booths, check out presentations, collect documents and videos in your Swag Bag, and check out all the great deals and new products!

Pre-Show Checklist

  • Ensure you are registered and recall your login info

  • Reliable internet (wifi or mobile network)

  • Virtual trade show Sample Box (if you registered early!)

  • Trade Show Program (from sample box or vfairs Swag Bag)

  • Mark down any vendors you’re excited to talk to so you don’t forget

Trade Show March 10th 2021

Giveaways & Prizes

As always, we’re giving away a number of great prizes. Below are 3 more prizes we’re giving away.

Look back at previous Trade Show articles to see previously announced prizes. Don’t forget the after-show survey is a fully separate raffle, so fill it out to enter!

Trade Show Prize - Weekend Getaway
Trade Show Prize - Yeti Cooler
Trade Show Prize - Go Pro