Our Retail Consultants weigh in on their summer essentials

Warmer weather means camping, hiking, rafting, picnics, road trips, and tons of other summer activities. Convenience stores need to be ready for a variety of patrons coming through their stores.

Below are some summer must-have product recommendations from our expert Retail Consultants.

Curtis Headshot

Curtis, Regional Sales Manager

Ice cream and novelties are hot items for summer, and we have free ice cream bunker programs to ensure those are easy to find. Make sure novelties and outdoor activity toys are at a height where kids can see them easily.

Frazil and F’real beverages are always a big hit in the summer. Packaged products like Kool-aid packets are great basket-builders as well.

Dustin, Retail Consultant

Tornados have a large presence, even in the middle of the pandemic. Customers have come to expect hot food at convenience stores, and a rollergrill is the simplest way to get in on that market. The large variety of Tornado flavors make it an easy choice for multiple day parts. They are hot, easy-to-eat, and delicious.

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Todd Headshot

Todd, Retail Consultant

Sunglasses are an essential product to have on hand for summer travelers. Keep them near the register to capture impulse purchases and to allow employees to keep an eye on them. Does anyone own just one pair of sunglasses? Check out our latest additions on this Now in Stock from April.

Jeremy, Retail Consultant

Summer is time for camping and cooking on an open flame, whether in the woods or backyard. Propane, lighter fluid, firewood, and charcoal are all essential for convenience stores. Offer bundle deals or place impulse items close by for incremental sales.

Rich Headshot

Rich, Sales Manager

When I think summer impulse, I think sunscreen and bug spray. These items are often left behind at home, run out unexpectedly, or are expired. Be sure you’ve got the supply when your customer comes through on their way to the park, lake, or campground.